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Specifiers and contractors have struggled for years to achieve a successful method of painting galvanized steelwork. All too often their best efforts have resulted in disappointment as the paint peels or flakes off within a short period of time. Etch primers or sweep blasting can be used and once applied correctly both systems will work very well. However, they can prove costly in time, labour and materials.

In order to overcome these difficulties, we offer a one-coat application: Galvacoat. This is a two pack polyurethane top coat specifically formulated to adhere to non-ferrous metals such as zinc. It has excellent performance characteristics including UV protection and anti-graffiti properties. Tough and durable, it provides the perfect finish for your steelwork. Galvacoat is readily available in all RAL and BS colours and can be applied on site by spraying or brushing as is appropriate.

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Advantages of Galvacoat

  • One Coat Paint System

  • Specifically designed for use on Hot Dip Galvanised Steelwork

  • No etch primers required

  • Apply directly to freshly galvanised steel

  • Simply clean down and paint; Available in all RAL & B.S. Colours

  • Suitable for all spray paint systems and brush application

You can use Galvacoat on

  • Railings

  • Gates

  • Balconies/window boxes

  • Street furniture

  • Structural steel

  • Power and sub-station equipment

  • Water treatment plants

Test Results

Hardness Konig: > 120 secs. QUV Resistance
Adhesion: BS3900 Gt 0 starting gloss 14/22 Gardner 60
Impact Resistance: >25kg/cm 1000 hours Unchanged
Permeability to SO2: Low Salt Spray resistance: > 500 hours @ 60 microns dft
Water Permeability Low Humidity resistance: Pass