Enhancing Longevity of Steel Balconies

When the engineering marvels at Mariners Way Development, Rush were conceived, F&M Whelan Steel Engineering, partnering with Arkmount Construction, envisioned balconies that were not merely functional extensions of living spaces but also symbols of enduring strength and aesthetic appeal.

Given the site’s proximity to the coast (less than 3km), a crucial element – protection against the corrosive sea air – was pivotal. Thus, the decision to involve Galco for Hot Dip Galvanizing became an integral part of this spectacular project.



Constructing balconies in a coastal environment presents unique challenges, primarily owing to the constant battle against corrosion due to salt-laden air.

The project demanded a solution that ensured the balconies, along with their aesthetic balustrades and functional elements like canopy frames and a bike shelter, could withstand the corrosive environment while maintaining structural and aesthetic integrity for decades.

Hot dip galvanized balconies painted with Galvacoat (8)


A Shield Against Elements


  • Extended Lifespan: With Galco’s expert application, the balconies are not only projected to last significantly longer but are also equipped to preserve their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity through years of exposure to harsh environmental elements.
  • Impenetrable Protection: Hot dip galvanizing provided a meticulous, sturdy shield against rust and corrosion, thereby significantly reducing the wear and tear inflicted by the challenging coastal weather.
  • Low Maintenance: The low-maintenance nature of the hot dip galvanized steel ensures savings on resources and time over the years, whilst continuously providing steadfast protection without necessitating frequent interventions.

“As usual Galco, delivered the goods with fast turnaround time and the milkrun service is a massive plus. Justin was always at hand if any queries were raised and is always a gent to deal with.” – Kevin Whelan, F&M Whelan Steel Engineering

Hot dip galvanized balconies painted with Galvacoat (3)


Execution Excellence:


Upon engaging with Galco, F&M Whelan Steel Engineering witnessed execution par excellence. The 37 balconies, each adorned with front supporting columns, balustrades for glazing on the 1st and 2nd floors, handrailing, 19 canopy frames, and a bike shelter were all meticulously hot dip galvanized, ensuring every inch was thoroughly shielded against potential corrosion.


Key Highlights:


  • Fast Turnaround: With a reputation for delivering impeccable service within commendable time frames, Galco ensured that the large-scale project progressed seamlessly without delays.
  • Milkrun Service: Galco’s efficient logistics and the famed ‘milkrun’ service facilitated smooth operations and steadfast adherence to timelines.
  • Reliable Support: Constant availability and supportive assistance from Justin Clarke at Galco meant that all queries and challenges were swiftly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted progress.


A Beacon of Durability and Design


The completed balconies at Mariners Way now stand as a testament to the power of expert engineering, proficient collaboration, and superior protective treatments.

Galco’s hot dip galvanizing has not only empowered the structures with unparalleled durability but has also enhanced their aesthetic longevity, ensuring they remain a spectacle for years to come.

This project underlines the fact that when robust engineering is backed by impeccable protection against natural elements, structures of sheer brilliance and enduring quality are born.

F&M Whelan Steel Engineering, Arkmount Construction, and Galco together have redefined what’s possible in balancing aesthetic splendor with structural durability, setting a new benchmark in the world of construction and structural protection.


Project Overview:


  • Client: Arkmount Construction
  • Steel Engineering Partner: F&M Whelan Steel Engineering
  • Location: Mariners Way Development, Rush
  • Components:
    • 37 Balconies with front supporting columns, balustrades, and handrailing
    • 19 Canopy frames and a bike shelter
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