Galvanising Lead Time

Galvanising Lead Time

We will provide technical guidance and advice as part of your pre fabrication process.


We aim to provide the highest possible levels of Customer Service and are happy to advise our customers on all aspects of the process – including:


  • Good design practices prior to fabrication.
  • Galvanising performance and lifespan,
  • Achieving a quality finish as well as issues relating to venting and draining
  • Painting & Coating post galvanising

We can store the material post galvanising and facilitate call off of material to meet your customer demand.


We can arrange shot blasting of your steel prior to galvanising. This will help provide a clean surface and remove old paint, primer and other contaminants.


Sperrin Galvanisers can provide you with certificates of conformity to ISO9001 and ISO1461. This will prove to your customers that you adhere to a trusted, certified process which is audited by an independent agency.


Tell us what you need and we’ll see what we can do.

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At Sperrin Galvanisers, our highest priority is providing you unmatched service and support. Please contact our team, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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