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Should I specify galvanising?

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Hot Dip Galvanising

Galvanizing is the best solution for corrosion protection, offering significantly greater benefits than paint or any other coating system. In fact, when it comes to handling, durability, coating thickness, application and protection, there’s no comparison.

Architects and Engineers specify galvanizing because it’s the most effective corrosion system with a long, maintenance-free lifespan. And if you’re considering galvanizing, you might want to review the following eleven major, measurable benefits.

Why Galvanising

why hot dip galvanising

Proven Corrosion Protection

Galvanising Process

hot dip galvanising bath

Immersing in Molten Zinc

Paint for Galvanising

painting hot dip galvanising

Benefits of Duplex System

Friendly, Efficient Service with
Turnaround and Quality
Assured Every Time

Friendly, Efficient Service with
Turnaround and Quality
Assured Every Time

Galvanising in Action

Best corrosion protection for your steelwork. The unique nature of the galvanising process provides a tough and abrasion resistant coating which means less site damage and speedy erection of structures.


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