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Great benefits to galvanised steel

Galvanizing is the best solution for corrosion protection, offering significantly greater benefits than paint or any other coating system. In fact, when it comes to handling, durability, coating thickness, application and protection, there’s no comparison. 

Architects and Engineers specify galvanizing because it’s the most effective corrosion system with a long, maintenance-free lifespan. And if you’re considering galvanizing, you might want to review the following eleven major, measurable benefits: 

Coating Toughness

Hot Dip Galvanising is unique – the coating bonds metallurgically with the steel giving a much greater resistance to damage than other coatings. 

Complete Coverage

Because it is dipped in molten zinc, all parts of the surfaces are coated – inside and out – including awkward corners and narrow gaps.

Lowest Lifetime Cost

Low initial cost and long life make Hot Dip Galvanising the most versatile and economic way of protecting steel for long periods (25 + years).

Competitive First Cost

As a highly mechanised, closely controlled process, Hot Dip Galvanising can be carried out very economically in large batches. The alternative – painting – is highly labour intensive. 

Long Life

Hot Dip Galvanising has many years proven performance. Long life up to seventy years is commonplace in most atmospheres. For more details see the Millennium Map Project.

Faster Construction

Hot Dip Galvanised steel is ready for use. No further site preparation, painting or inspection is necessary. Once erected, cladding can begin immediately, thus accelerating the construction programme.


The process is simple, straightforward and closely controlled. The coating thicknesses are regular, predictable and easily specified and are defined by I.S. EN ISO 1461 : 2009.

Ease of Inspection

Hot Dip Galvanising is an honest coating – if it looks continuous and sound, it is so. Coating thickness can be checked easily with the use of a magnetic probe (Elcometer)

Speed of Application

A fully galvanised protective coating can be applied in a few hours. A proper four coat paint system requires approximately one week. You are saving a lot of time and money. 

Three Way Protection

Hot Dip Galvanising protects in three ways.
1. It weathers at a slow rate giving a long and predictable life.
2. The coating sacrifices itself to any small areas exposed through drilling, cutting or accidental damage.
3. If large areas get damaged it prevents the sideways creep of rust.

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