Galvanized Balconies, Harpers Creek, Cork

Galvanized Balconies Harpers Creek Cork Galco

Harper’s Creek is a new high-quality development of A-rated family homes situated on a beautiful, greenfield site bounded by millennia-old limestone walls. Meticulous attention to detail has been given to ensure these beautiful homes become timeless properties.

In an exceptional natural setting of the Glounthaune Estuary, Harper’s Creek is in one of the best-connected locations in the greater Cork area.

The build quality, the highest standard of interior finishes, and the considered layouts of each house type ensure that the properties will retain their appeal and value well into the future.

Each home is designed to maximize through-flow and space. Open-plan social areas mean that communication is enhanced. Each space is appointed to make the best use of natural light, and storage has been carefully planned throughout.

balconies galvanised steel

Use of Galvanizing

Steel elements in Harper’s Creek were used for the bespoke balconies crafted by Arc Engineering. Welded heavy-steel frame was stiffened with light gauge steel joists. The frame was hot-dip galvanized and powder coated to client specifications.

“The galvanizing provides long term anti-corrosion and the powder coating was chosen for its aesthetics with different colours on offer.“

Laurene Dryden, Arc Engineering

 Benefits of Using Galvanizing

  • Avoid key issue of crevice corrosion
  • Provide complete coverage of all metalwork
  • Avoid on-site remedial work

Galvanized steel balconies

Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest challenges of the project was the logistics. Prior to powder coating, the imperfections inherent in the galvanizing require grinding with a flat disc. The addition of this process provides challenges logistically between two suppliers and adds to the cost and time frame of the project.

Possible Cost Reduction

In similar projects, we usually advise our customers to use the Galvacoat paint system. Single application polyurethane topcoat, specifically formulated to adhere to non-ferrous metals such as zinc.

Therefore, it’s possible to cut the unnecessary cost of logistics between suppliers. Our quality controlled, factory process, guarantees that the entire process will be carefully managed and certified by us.

No other paint system can deliver the same assurance, and you can be certain that you will enjoy more than 16 years of maintenance-free life in most environments.

Benefits of Using Galvacoat

  • One-stop-shop – For total peace of mind, why not get your steel galvanized and painted as one combined service.
  • Save On Cost – With its long-life properties, the lifetime cost of Galvacoat is significantly cheaper than alternatives, which need to be replaced on a much more regular basis.
  • A Multitude Of Applications – Use Galvacoat on applications as diverse as balconies and gates, power and sub-station equipment, railings, street furniture, structural steel, and water treatment plants.


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