Intumescent Paint As Passive Fire Protection

Galco has recently become one of the newest approved intumescent paint contractors in Ireland offering Sherwin Williams Firetex FX6002 and Sika’s Unitherm Platinum.

Fire is one of the biggest risks that can not only completely destroy a building, but also businesses, public organizations and of course lives. A Fire Rating and a detailed listing of all steel sections will need to be supplied by the engineer or steel fabricator to allow us to calculate the required coating thickness and prepare an Estimate.

Once this is agreed detailed loadings are prepared for our production team which tells them the specific coating to be applied to each individual steel section. On arrival, the material is entered into Galco’s production system and given a job number. It is then inspected to ensure it matches the information provided by the fabricator.

The steel is Shot blasted to Sa2.5 (or per specification) in our blast room which can accommodate length up to 15m.

The paint is then applied to the required coating thickness in the controlled environment of our paint shop. In order to ensure correct adhesion and coverage the internal temperature needs to be maintained between 5-15 degrees and is measured constantly.

The paint will be applied using plural-component equipment which allows the fastest production and gives the most control over application.

Thanks to advances in paint technology, intumescent coatings cure within 24 hours allowing efficient throughput and fast delivery to site. At each stage in the process, testing is carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

This will include, Wet Film Thickness measurement, Dry Film Thickness measurement and Climatic Control.

All material dispatched will conform to ASFP Technical Guidance Code 16 and will be accompanied by a test certificate signed off by our Quality Manager.

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