Meet Paul: A Journey of Growth and Opportunity

Paul Callanan Sperrin Galvanisers

At Sperrin Galvanisers, we believe in our people. We offer more than just a job; we offer a chance to develop your skills, take on new challenges, and build a rewarding career. Just take Paul’s story for example.


Paul Callanan joined Sperrin Galvanisers in 2007 as a General Operative & Forklift Driver. He quickly demonstrated his dedication and willingness to learn. After a few years, he transitioned to the maintenance team, ensuring our equipment ran smoothly and met the high standards set by ISO9000 procedures.


Paul’s commitment to growth didn’t stop there. By 2014, he was working evening and night shifts as a Production Foreman, leading the team and overseeing plant operations independently. Through these experiences, Paul gained a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of our production process.


Recognizing Paul’s potential and well-rounded skillset, Sperrin Galvanisers offered him a new opportunity in 2016: Transport Manager. Taking on this role, Paul shouldered the responsibility for route management, vehicle inspections, road safety compliance, driver training, and tachograph management for our entire HGV fleet in the West of Ireland.


Paul’s dedication didn’t go unnoticed. He became a qualified Transport Manager and spearheaded the development of our HGV fleet to meet the rigorous standards set by the Fleet Transport Association (Ireland).


Paul’s journey at Sperrin Galvanisers is a testament to our commitment to fostering growth within our team. We are proud to see him thrive and contribute to our success in such a significant way.


Are you ready to write your own story at Sperrin Galvanisers?


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