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Street Sculpture and Furniture, High Street, Ballynahinch, Co Down

This 2014 work by a local blacksmith is situated at the Market Square, High Street in the historic Co Down town of Ballynahinch (A24). Comprising a set of public seating, handrails, tree guards and representations of sails, all items were hand forged. Galvanising of these items provides an attractive rustic finish as well as long term protection from the elements.

This work is a good example of both the aesthetic and practical benefits of hot dip galvanising. Unlike other forms of finish, galvanised steel has a naturally rugged texture which requires minimal maintenance while affording a high degree of protection from corrosion.

On these sails the history of Ballynahinch is depicted, through forged steel from all elements were represented from The battle of Ballynahinch in 1798 right through to the market town that is it today.

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Galvanised Street Furniture
Galvanised Street Furniture
Galvanised Street Furniture


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