UCD Roebuck Hall

Robust Recyfix specified on UCD’s Roebuck Hall

THE sheer volume of over 20,000 students trekking through campus and in and out of student accommodation is bound to take its toll. Dublin architects Kavanagh Tuite were called upon to design the new Roebuck Hall Student Residence at UCD.
Kavanagh Tuite, based in Clonskeagh, Dublin 6, focuses on client service, meeting their needs, budgets and exceeding expectations through design and quality.

Fire Certificate Compliance

Heavy-duty vehicles such as high-reach and fire brigade appliances often have to get close to the façade of a building. In this case, Fire Certificate conditions of compliance required fire tender access to within two metres of a large area of the façade. In order to avoid paving the surrounding site area next to the façade, and to allow vehicles over landscaped and grassed areas which were in keeping with the character of the building, Recyfix Super Turf, the heavy-duty permeable drainage, was specified.
Planning for the project began in October 2004 and construction commenced the following June. The construction programme took just over one year to complete. The scheme comprises 9 large accommodation blocks with three 5-storey blocks on the campus side of the building and six 6-storey blocks along the rear elevation. The Roebuck Hall residence is made up of three houses and a communal laundry area. The main reception area is bright, inviting and features floor-to-ceiling glass in part. The furniture was designed by Kavanagh Tuite and is a mix of walnut and stone materials. The flooring is honed Jura beige limestone.
Roebuck Hall 1 houses 50 apartments catering for 300 students. Each apartment contains six bedrooms with modern furniture, ensuite, private study and rest space. The square living area and contemporary kitchen is a bright, natural environment. The ancillary services facilities building includes gas skid, ESB sub-station and switch room, as well as a bright, well proportioned laundry room for the students. The first floor includes spacious store rooms and water storage.
Architectural Technologist, David Burke, a D.I.T. Bolton Street graduate, has been with Kavanagh Tuite for almost 3 years.
“We had no problems whatsoever with Galco. We have used Galco many times in the past when specifying various steel products . The cost, service, quality and ease with which a material or product is used and how it performs in application over time, often determines whether or not it will be considered for future projects. Recyfix Super Turf was selected for its structural integrity, quality and ease of use. There may be other products similar to Recyfix Super Turf available but we are not aware of them and haven’t come across anything as robust.”
Kavanagh Tuite is slightly smaller than the average architectural practice, however their portfolio and scale of projects are as impressive as those of larger firms in Dublin. Directors Brian Kavanagh and Liam Tuite know each other from school and have been partners for over 10 years.
Quantity surveyor Joe Knox joined A. Cafferkey Developments Ltd, based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, in 1992 and has been a director for the last 10 years.

Quick to install

“We were involved in the earthworks, infrastructure works and site works on this substantial project. Recyfix Super Turf was specified and used as a heavy-duty turf reinforcement to complement a cobblelock perimeter. It had to be capable of withstanding fire engines but still give a real grass finish. Recyfix Super Turf was the natural choice. It’s quicker to lay than other similar products we have used in the past, due to its light weight and unique snap joints. There is no need to worry about aligning joints or fixing pins which cuts down on installation time on site. All went according to plan on site and the product arrived on time. We like Galco products, we’ll use them again.”
For Cafferkeys, 90% of the products are specified by engineers, including Hauraton Drainage Channel used on recent projects.
A. Cafferkey Developments, one of 13 companies within the property development company The Cafferkey Group, was formed in 1973 by Tony Cafferkey. The firm provides civil engineering services and employs up to 50 staff with an annual turnover of over €8m.
Services include demolition and site clearance, site development, bulk excavation, drainage and utility installation, substructures and underpinning, structural concrete, construction plant hire and site surveying and design services.
Cafferkey’s most well-known project is the €1b. Fab 14 Intel scheme completed almost eight years ago. It took over 18 months to complete and their contract was €10m for the civil works. Other major projects include Microsoft, Sandyford, Irish Times, Citywest, St Vincent’s Hospital Redevelopment, Donnybrook, Airside Retail Park, Swords and the Charlestown Centre, Finglas.
“We haven’t come across anything as robust as Recyfix Super Turf. It was selected for its structural integrity, quality and ease of use.”

David Burke, Architectural Technologist, Kavanagh Tuite

“Recyfix Super Turf was the natural choice. It’s quicker to lay than other similar products.”

Joe Knox, Director, A. Cafferkey Developments Ltd  

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