Castlepark Dalkey Balconies: A Team Success

Extreme Steel teamed up with Twinlite to create unique balconies for Castlepark Dalkey. These balconies stand strong because Galco gave them an extra-strong coat.

Extreme Steel and Twinlite made cool balcony designs for Castlepark in the beautiful Dalkey area. These balconies weren’t just regular balconies; they had special curves and designs that made them stand out.

What was the challenge?

These special balconies had lots of curves, some even had five big curves and were 15 meters long! Making these wasn’t just about having a good idea, but also making sure everything was perfect.

How did they do it?

Extreme Steel used the latest tech, like Lidar scanners and Tekla software, and had a talented team to turn these designs into real balconies. They even thought about rainwater by adding a smart drainage system in the balconies.

To make sure the project didn’t cost too much but still looked great, Extreme Steel made some smart changes to the original designs. They found the right mix between cost and looks.

Castlepark Dalkey Galvanized Balconies (2)

Galco’s Special Touch:

Galco made sure the balconies would last a long time. They used a hot dip galvanizing process to coat the steel so it wouldn’t rust, especially with Ireland’s weather. Galco and Extreme Steel worked closely to make sure this coating was done right, especially since the balconies had complicated designs.

Big thanks to Galco. Dipping these tricky designs consistently was a big win for everyone.” – Damien Donegan, Managing Director of Extreme Steel

The Result:

These balconies at Castlepark Dalkey show what can happen when teams work together and think outside the box. They even won an award at The 2023 Irish Steel Awards for best balconies with vertical support! This project is a great example of how teamwork, smart ideas, and a focus on quality can lead to amazing results.

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