Hot Dip Galvanizing in a Sustainable Future


Sustainable Development has become a societal, regulatory and market trend. The environmental and social attributes of materials and products are increasingly affecting design and purchasing in building and construction. There is a marked shift toward high performance and environmentally responsible products.

Sustainable Development implies a careful balance of social, economic, and environmental aspects as well as between present and future needs.

Today’s growth brings economic prosperity and welfare – but also a continuously growing demand for materials. Thus, a trade-off arises between societal benefits and the depletion of natural resources.

In order to make this growth sustainable the materials used need to be either renewable or recyclable.  Hot Dip Galvanized building products can last for generations, and after their useful life they can be recovered and re-used over and over again. Therefore renewability and recyclability are complementary – and not conflicting – contributions to a sustainable future. 

Galvanizing is a versatile process. Articles ranging from nuts and bolts to long structural sections can be treated. Allowing for the ability to bolt or weld fabrications after galvanizing, almost any size of structure can be galvanized. Complex shapes, open vessels and most hollow articles can be galvanized, inside and out, in one operation. When the length or depth of the item exceeds the size of the bath, special techniques may be employed to facilitate dipping.

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