The Kells Bay Gardens Gates

The partnership between Sperrin Galvanisers and Iron Excellence has crafted a stunning entrance for Kells Bay Gardens.

The Kells Bay Gardens Gates

The partnership between Sperrin Galvanisers and Iron Excellence has crafted a stunning entrance for Kells Bay Gardens. Here, the robust, galvanized iron beautifully pairs with the delicate appearance of tree ferns, mirroring the garden’s themes of growth and enduring allure.


To celebrate his third Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Billy Alexander of Kells Bay Gardens in Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry, commissioned John Hogan of Iron Excellence in Killala, Co. Mayo, to create a set of front gates for Kells Bay Gardens.


The inspiration behind the gates mirrors the renowned tree fern collection that thrives in this exceptional sub-tropical microclimate, offering views over Dingle Bay.


The Challenge:


The main challenge was to devise an intricate design capable of withstanding the severe marine conditions and high rainfall of Dingle Bay, without compromising on aesthetic appeal and meticulous craftsmanship.


The Solution:


The resolution was twofold: precise craftsmanship paired with the latest in protection technology.


John Hogan of Iron Excellence undertook the task of crafting the gates, integrating detailed designs of fern leaves, croziers, fronds, and pinnules.


To shield this detailed ironwork from the elements, Hogan enlisted Sperrin Galvanisers for their expertise in hot-dip galvanizing, followed by a duplex coating finish with Galvacoat paint in Pebble Gray (Ral 7032).

The Sperrin Touch:

We contributed our expertise to the project, performing the intricate and technical task of hot dip galvanizing the gates.


This process involved carefully cleaning and preparing each component of the gate before dipping it in molten zinc, ensuring a durable, corrosion-resistant coating that would safeguard the gates for years ahead.


It was crucial to maintain the detail in each leaf while achieving complete coverage with the protective zinc coating.


Benefits of the Duplex Coating:


The combination of galvanizing and painting offers superior protection against corrosion, especially in challenging marine environments.

Hot dip galvanizing forms a metallurgical bond between zinc and iron, creating a barrier highly resistant to environmental damage.


The Galvacoat paint adds an extra layer of protection and enhances the gates’ visual appeal, ensuring they remain a focal point for Kells Bay Gardens.


The Outcome:


We are thrilled to see the completed gates welcoming visitors to Kells Bay, confident that the combination of galvanizing and Galvacoat paint will preserve these gates for many years.


The finished gates at Kells Bay Gardens are a breathtaking testament to what can be accomplished when artistic vision is combined with innovative protection techniques.

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