Galvanized steel in sustainable housing development

Galvanizing is all around

Galvanizing is playing a key role in enabling sustainable housing development in Ireland. The whole Irish galvanizing industry is focused on ensuring that the steel elements used in the areas listed below are safe from corrosion. 

Solving the housing crisis is one of the hottest topics in Ireland at the moment. We are still building approximately 15,000 houses a year less than we need to meet demand, let alone address the shortages built up in recent years. Despite the urgency, we need to ensure that the quality, sustainability and longevity of the projects are built in at the design stages.

When we are talking about faster construction, durability and sustainability there is one material that stands out – steel.


Steel is a vital and necessary part of modern construction for both buildings and transport systems. While in some applications, other materials such as concrete and timber can replace the use of steel, it is often the preferred option for a range of reasons. In particular, steel can be recycled and used over and over again and, therefore, the need to use up new materials is reduced.


Steel, unfortunately, can corrode in exposed situations and must therefore be protected from the elements either by painting or through an alloying process like hot dip galvanizing. As long as modern design carries on using steel for buildings and infrastructure, it must be protected to ensure its durability.

Enabling Infrastructure with Galvanizing

Achieving the housing targets set out by the government can only be done by putting the required infrastructure in place to enable housing developments. Hot Dip Galvanised steel is a proven material that has been used throughout the world. As you look around your street, or travel down the motorway you will see, signs, lampposts, electricity poles, toll plazas, power transmission lines all of which are galvanized. The same is true when travelling by rail. Galvanized steel is all around you in both urban and rural environments.


By protecting schools, infrastructure, water & waste treatment plants, bridges and recreational facilities from corrosion we are actually protecting against preventable failures and avoiding additional maintenance costs.

Galvanizing protects Steel

Steel is a strong, versatile and inexpensive material with uses in many different industries. It has, however, one major disadvantage: it is prone to corrosion, even in interior environments corrosion protection is therefore essential if steel structures are to be economical. 

Specifiers challenges

Today, increased awareness of the long-term savings possible from reduced maintenance costs have highlighted the need for the durable protective systems for steel. Designers, specifiers, fabricators and users of steelwork are trying to develop the most effective, practical and economic solutions. 

Sustainable Development Projects

Galvanised River

Street Furniture

Scotch Hall

Newry Market

The use of galvanized steel leads to lower financial and environmental costs of maintenance

Wide Use of Hot dip Galvanizing

Protecting steel is at the very heart of our galvanizing services. Ensuring that the key element of global infrastructure lasts as long as possible is the definition of sustainability. Eliminating the need to replace fabricated steel products, galvanizing saves energy and natural resources that would be required to create and transport new steel. 

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The course describes what Hot Dip Galvanizing is and the corrosion protection it provides. It also includes the process of application, the relevant standards, quality assurance, on-site inspection, life expectancy and sustainability. It will also cover the specification of Hot Dip Galvanizing and some important design considerations to be considered.


Participants will get a clear understanding of the Technical, Architectural and Environmental advantages to using Hot Dip Galvanizing along with recent examples of practical application.


In order to keep you updated with the latest developments relating to Hot Dip Galvanizing we offer CPD style presentations. We arrange these in your office at a time convenient to yourselves.

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