The ‘Red Bridge’: A Magical Transformation

In a remarkable collaboration between South Dublin County Council and Galco Steel, Lucan’s iconic ‘Red Bridge’ is reborn, merging historical significance with enduring strength for generations to relish.

The famous ‘Red Bridge’ in Lucan, located in St. Finian’s Estate, has a rich history. Over time, the bridge got rusty and old. Wanting to preserve its importance, the South Dublin County Council decided to renovate it, making sure it’ll last for many more years.

The Challenge:


The original bridge, built in 1988, had started to show its age, primarily because it wasn’t galvanized. Rust had set in, making it essential to look beyond mere aesthetics and ensure any new construction would last for generations to come.

The Solution:


John Boylan from South Dublin County Council was in charge. John designed and fabricated the new bridge, not just replicating its predecessor but adding whimsical elements inspired by the Harry Potter movies. But ensuring its longevity required a specialist touch. This is where Galco Steel came into play.

Galvanized Red Bridge (1)

The Galco Touch:


At Galco’s Ballymount plant, the bridge was bestowed with a state-of-the-art duplex coating: Hot Dip Galvanizing and Galvacoat paint. This combination promised that the steelwork would stand strong for a staggering 70-100 years. And with the application of Galvacoat paint, which retains its adherence for its entire lifetime, the bridge’s lifespan could extend indefinitely, requiring only minor touch-ups every quarter-century.

“I’ve been getting work done by Galco for years. They’re always easy to deal with and galvanizing is a great way of protecting steel from corrosion”- John Boylan

Benefits of the Galco Treatment:


  • Longevity: Hot Dip Galvanizing on its own can make steelwork last between 70-100 years. By adding a layer of Galvacoat paint on top, this lifespan can be extended indefinitely as long as the paint is maintained.
  • Maintenance Ease: The bridge won’t need a new paint job anytime soon. Galvacoat paint has a unique adherence quality, ensuring that there’s no need for removal when applying a further top-up coating, which might be needed in about 25 years.
  • Honoring Tradition: The iconic red color, synonymous with the original bridge, was retained, ensuring that while the new bridge boasts modern features, it still resonates with the nostalgia of the old ‘Red Bridge’.

The Outcome:


Now, the ‘Red Bridge’ is more than just a way to get across. It’s a beautiful mix of history, modern design, and strong materials. With John’s vision and Galco Steel’s expertise, Lucan’s bridge is ready to be enjoyed for many more years.

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